New features and bug fixes for Bookworm

By Liza Daly
July 29, 2009 | Comments: 7

O'Reilly and I want to encourage the long-term growth of the Bookworm ePub reader into a mature content and ebook library platform, so I identified a number of long-standing items in the issue tracker that I felt needed to be addressed before any major new features were added. I'm happy to announce that this work is complete (the list of issues addressed is available here). All of the changes were made in the public (open source) repository.

Most of these are (by design) internal and not user-facing, but at least two additions are notable and possibly quite fun.

Feedbooks integration

At the bottom of your Library page (your home page when you log in), there's now an option to add titles from the Feedbooks most-popular feed with one click. Click "Show" to see the list of titles. This integration is language-aware, so Bookworm will request books in your current language preference and Feedbooks will return the most popular books in that language:

Picture 22.png

Clicking on a Feedbooks title will immediately add that book to your library, without having to download it to your computer first.

"Add to Bookworm"

Using the same technique, any site can now create an "add to Bookworm" button using this simple URL scheme:

For example:

At this point, the user will need to be logged in to Bookworm already for this to work. In the near future we'll provide even more methods to get content in and out of Bookworm.

If you have other things you'd like to see in Bookworm, please add them to the list!


Very nice feature, just tried it and it works like a charm.

I was not aware of Bookworm until I found your site through Google. Its great that there is a free platform for these pubs and I will be checking it out. The last thing we need is a hodge podge of different formats.

Really digging bookworm! Excellent post Liza :)

I have read some of your post and they are very interesting. Keep up the great work Lisa.

Is there any way for fans & readers to send in questions? Thanks


Thanks for fixing the bugs in bookworm, hope it works smoother now.

Good job with the Bookworm ePub reader!



The free platform for reading EPUB books online from any device.

Integrated with O'Reilly Labs 02/09/09.

First translations added 03/11/09.

Feedbooks integration & one-click addition added 07/29/09.

Beta Projects

Open Feedback Publishing System (OFPS)

Participate in collaborative community feedback to help refine in-progress, open manuscripts like Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or the published Programming Scala.

Released 05/20/09.

O'Reilly Product Metadata Interface (OPMI)

Want to know all we know about an  O'Reilly book? Give us an ISBN and we'll let you in on our (RDF) secrets!

Released 02/09/09.

Open Source

DocBook-XSL 1.74.3 with Improved ePub Output

Keith Fahlgren (O'Reilly Media) helped release the stable 1.74.3 release of the open source DocBook-XSL project and improved the EPUB generation stylesheets. Paul Norton (Adobe) and Liza Daly (Threepress) provided very helpful patches.

Released 02/17/09.

DocBook-XSL 1.74.0 EPUB Output

Paul Norton (Adobe) and Keith Fahlgren (O'Reilly Media) have contributed code to the 1.74.0 release of the open source DocBook-XSL project that generates EPUB documents from DocBook. An alpha-quality reference implementation in Ruby was also been provided.

EPUB is an open standard of  the The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and something O'Reilly is trying  to help gain wider adoption.

Released 06/02/08.