Collaborative Publishing: One Brand New Title, One Success

By Keith Fahlgren
September 28, 2009 | Comments: 1

Back in May, we announced the release of Programming Scala and launched our Open Feedback Publishing System, an attempt to improve manuscripts by engaging the community in an open and collaborative dialog with the authors. Today I'm happy to announce a brand new site on a hot topic, Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and give thanks to the folks who helped improve Programming Scala. It's now published and available in print and electronically.

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript offers an alternative to Objective-C and the tribulations of the App Store while teaching the JavaScript hooks into advanced iPhone features like the accelerometer, geolocation, vibration, and sound. I'm now firmly in the camp that mobile web applications will beat closed apps in the end and it's really personally delightful for me to see this resource being developed in the open. I've already exchanged a few "where was this two months ago!"s with colleagues. Please give it a read and share your feedback.

Speaking of feedback, the contributions to were really tremendous. Over the months, nearly 100 people left a total of 543 comments. Ten contributors stood out in particular, giving more than a third of the total comments, and I'd like to thank them individually:

  • Bhaskar Maddala (39)
  • Parth Malwankar (20)
  • Rob Dickens (19)
  • Derek Mahar (18)
  • Alexander Battisti (18)
  • Mario Gleichmann (16)
  • Geoffrey Wiseman (15)
  • Henrik Huttunen (13)
  • Matt Hellige (11)
  • Jason Zaugg (11)

But a critical element behind this idea is that of dialog, and that's where co-author Dean Wampler really stepped up, individually contributing 177 comments and responses to date. I hope that each title can see so much conversation, as it always improves the quality of the finished book.

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