How to set up your InDesign files for ePub export (updated for InDesign CS5.5)

By Ron Bilodeau
December 9, 2009 | Comments: 4

**Update (May 2011)**

Now that InDesign CS5.5 has officially been released, I can finally share some of the new and exciting features that have been added to improve ePub export.

Click here to download my updated presentation on how to set up your InDesign files for ePub export (updated to include CS5.5).

This PDF presentation will also be included as part of the package for anyone attending the 2011 Print & ePublishing Conference in Washington DC next week (May 23-25).
So, if anyone reading this is heading to the conference, be sure to stop by and say hello.




This morning, I had my first professional speaking gig hosted by the Association of Canadian Publishers.

I traveled to Toronto to give a presentation and workshop on how to set up InDesign files for ePub export.

I have included a PDF version of my presentation here for you to download if you wish.

With any luck, you will find it useful.





And what a session it was. Really positive response, you helped a lot of people out, and you have a good seminar presence. Was that really your first? Thanks again Ron!

i was proud on you Ron.I knew you can do it!!!

Thank you so much Ron! Really love this site.



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